Anastasia Santasheva


Software Engineer, January 2014 - April 2014

Working at BlackBerry was my first full-time developer experience. I worked on BlackBerry's desktop extension for their mobile device, called BlackBerry Blend. Since the desktop app was built as a webview, we were able to use AngularJS. Though I think the choice of language suited their project well, AngularJS has a large learning curve and lacks documentation so I don't think I would use it for projects that I run on my own. For BlackBerry's case, the application had many reusable components and reusable logic, so a front-end MVC framework was well suited.

While working at BlackBerry I also took up doing UI/UX and graphic design for a project. I created interaction design and graphic design mockups for the Contacts component of Blend. However, after several weeks of working in it I decided that I missed solving problems in development too much and was eager to get back to it.

Partway through the term I got together a team of employees to participate in BlackBerry's internal hackathon. We built a BlackBerry app called Timely Cooking. This app allowed you to enter the amount of time you have to cook and to enter the ingredients in your fridge and would return recipies from the web that satisfied the ingredient and time criteria. It was my first experience building mobile apps! Hackathon scene pictured below.

BlackBerry Hackathon - building Timely Cooking

My term at BlackBerry introduced me to AngularJS. To help make it over the learning curve, I drew out associations with pictures and diagrams of the numerous Angular terms to try and make sense of them.

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